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Top Dressing Mix

Spring 2015
Clifford's Organic Top Dressing Mix

After a long harsh Ontario winter your lawn may be in need of some help. Clifford's Organic Top Dressing Mix is a product long used by greenskeepers to ready and maintain golfcourses throughout their season. For the first time Clifford's Organic Top Dressing Mix is now available to the homeowner. Our product properly used, will not only revitalize your lawn, but is 100% guaranteed weedless.


Clifford's Organic Top Dressing Mix is a comprised of composted duck manure and course sand. This mixture is passed through a 1/4 screen so that the final product is free of lumps and spreads easily . Sand is a benefit for excessive water drainage, but the longer term advantage is in the amendment of native soil. Duck compost has excellent nitrogen levels for greening, while the natural phosphorus content speeds seed germination.

Recommended Use

Poor lawns requiring spot treatment or overall rejuvination will best respond to the following:

1 - Firmly rake area to remove dead grass and to loosen existing soil

2 - Spread grass seed evenly over area as per manufacturer's instructions

3- Lightly cover area with Clifford's Organic Top Dressing Mix to a depth of no greater than 1/2 inch

(to prevent smothering do not cover existing grass blades)

4- A second layer of grass seed should than be applied

5- Tamp area lightly with the back of a fan rack to sink seed

6- Lightly water every day for approximately 2-3 weeks

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Delivery Services

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Having a fleet of our own trucks allows us to be there for you when you call. Our dispatch service allows the customer to plan their day without wasted time. Clifford's will deliver anywhere!


On-site Screening

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Our on-site screening equipment is ideal for sand, gravel, topsoil, recycling, composting and other bulk handling applications.